Services for attorneys

How can I support your practice?

 I offer the following services for immigration attorneys:

Research and writing projects for immigration attorneys

Feeling overwhelmed with a wonky or novel issue?  I’d love to dig into it for you.  Email me a summary of the issue, or hop on my calendar for a free 15-minute call. If I can answer your question quickly, great – no fee! Otherwise, let’s tailor a project to fit your needs. 

For example, I can draft…

  • An informal research note with citations for your file;
  • An RFE or NOID response;
  • A cover letter or brief for a complex USCIS filing;
  • A brief, motion, or memorandum of law for EOIR;
  • A DoS Legalnet request or other agency follow-up correspondence.

I charge hourly for these projects on a contract basis. When capacity allows, I am happy to offer a reduced rate for non-profit legal services organizations.

I do not draft BIA or circuit court appeal briefs.  For that service I recommend the brilliant Dr. Alicia Triche.
I also do not write general memoranda on eligibility for EOIR 42B Cancellation of Removal or Asylum. 

FOIA or file review

Did USCIS dump an 800-page PDF on you?  Got a confusing OBIM response?  A tangled file from prior counsel?  Let me take a look!  I’ll write up a simple timeline of the case for your reference, highlight the most important info, and point out any potential issues or inconsistencies I spot.

Memphis USCIS interviews

You don’t want a “butt in the chair” for your client – you want a prepared advocate who will serve your client as zealously as you would.  When I attend an interview on behalf of a colleague, I thoroughly review the file and talk through any potential issues with the attorney.  I also schedule a brief call with your client to introduce myself, orient them to the Memphis office, and let them know where to meet me.

For an additional fee, I can also conduct an hour-long interview prep session with your client.  Otherwise, I trust that you have prepared your client thoroughly for the interview.

An experienced Spanish interpreter is available by phone for an additional fee.

I can sign the retainer agreement with you as a contract attorney, or with your client for limited representation.  I require payment no later than a week in advance of the interview.

Non-adversarial “Lozada” assistance

Everyone makes mistakes.  And when our mistake affects our clients, we want to make it right.  Unfortunately, sometimes immigration law requires our clients to file a bar complaint to get a court to reopen their case or accept a late filing.  This can be especially scary when we don’t trust the bar association to fully understand the context of complex immigration law and procedure.

This process doesn’t have to be nasty or adversarial.  I have filed bar complaints and Matter of Lozada motions to reopen for clients whose prior counsel are willing to collaborate to make the client whole.  I make sure to give the client and the bar a fair and nuanced view of the nature and seriousness of the mistake, with credit to the attorney for collaborating and taking responsibility.