services for clients

What we do, and who we serve

We welcome clients from around the world, and around the United States. 
Because immigration law is a federal (national) practice area, we can represent noncitizens anywhere
in the United States or abroad with:

  • family-based petitions;
  • green card applications (lawful permanent residency);
  • lawsuits against immigration agencies for unreasonable delay and/or improper application of the law.
  • humanitarian applications such as TPS, DACA, asylum, and protections for survivors of domestic violence, crime, and labor trafficking;
  • citizenship applications (naturalization);

Individuals from other areas can ask us about remote representation, or we can assist you with filings and recommend excellent local counsel if you need assistance at an interview.

Areas We serve

In the Mid-South area, we serve clients who are in removal proceedings (deportation) before the Memphis Immigration Court. This includes people who live in Tennessee, Arkansas, and northern Mississippi.
The Memphis US Citizenship and Immigration Services office serves applicants from western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas (including Little Rock) and northern Mississippi. The New Orleans Asylum Office serves applicants from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.